Novo Amor - Birthplace

Birthplace won several awards at international film festivals. . Amongst these are Video Of The Year at the UK Independent Music Award, and Best Music Video at the Camerimage Film Festival in Poland.
The shoot took place over 6 days at several locations in Bali & Komodo, Indonesia.
It took 10 divers to control the whale puppet underwater, being pulled by 2x Suex scooters. The challenge was to manage the freediver and puppet and time the movements of both. Michael Board, the UK freediving champion, performed over 250 freedives within this week, and we spent  more than 35hours underwater.
We shot  the musicvideo entirely on RED Scarlet-W with a Gates Deep Weapon Housing. For flexibility and to avoid having to change lenses I opted for shooting with the Tokina 11-20mm and Sigma Art 18-35mm to stay as flexible as possible.  Most shots were on the Tokina.



Sil van der Woerd & Jorik Dozy


Sean Lin


Michael Board